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Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

An attractive anniversary cake, finished with hand piped, hand painted designs, a keepsake plaque and an edible photo of the couple on their wedding day.  This cake would feed around 30 people.

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cake

A pretty and unusual Ruby wedding anniversary cake, made in traditional fruit and butter sponge cake, decorated with hand cut sugar flowers and blossoms, a hand piped keepsake sugar plaque and hand piped sugar hearts.  So pretty and very memorable.

10th Wedding Anniversary Cake

A super design for a 10th wedding anniversary.  The metal is aluminium and the flower is daffodil, both represented here on the cake  in sugar numerals and sugar flowers, all finished with a ribbon, bow and our signature hand piped sugar keepsake plaque.  The cake also celebrates John’s Welsh nationality, a coincidence, but a happy […]

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

A simple and elegant wedding anniversary cake, featuring a handmade sugar keepsake plaque and stunning hand made sugar roses in gold.  A beautiful cake that will be remembered for many years to come.

Golden Explosion Wedding Anniversary ...

We love making our signature cake, an explosion of sugar pieces, balls and ribbon, with the central big explosion in wires and ribbon, guaranteed to make everyone smile.  Complete with a sugar keepsake plaque, our cake is perfect to celebrate such an amazing occasion – a golden wedding anniversary!

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

A classic and simple Golden Wedding Anniversary cake, delicious in a traditional moist fruit cake, covered with quality marzipan and finished with a ribbon, bow and keepsake sugar plaque.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

An attractive and classic Golden Wedding Anniversary cake.  Designed around a charming photograph of the Bride and Groom, our cake is finished with hand piped designs, a golden double bow and our signature keepsake plaque with your choice of personal message.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

This attractive Golden Wedding Anniversary cake is so personal. The cake itself is made by Louise, our client, delivered in cling film, ready to ice. An iconic wedding photograph, reprinted in sugar is framed in a hand made, hand painted sugar frame, decorated with royal icing and sugar birds. The cake is finished with a […]

Silver Wedding Anniversary Cake

A simple and elegant cake, to feed around 10-12 people. This pretty cake is decorated with a keepsake plaque, hand painted with your choice of message and finished with little silver shooting stars and a hand made ribbon.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Cake

A classic cake with traditional royal icing designs, perfect for a diamond anniversary, this cake is attractive and elegant. The keepsake plaque, hand piped with your choice of message, is the centrepiece of the cake and can be kept or enjoyed on the day.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

Made for a wonderful 50th Anniversary, these specially modelled face cakes are so fun.  Pam and Doug are recreated in sugar, surrounded with a mixture of celebration cupcakes, enough for their family celebration and a choice to keep the heads – or eat them up!  Delicious!

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

A stunning and memorable Golden Wedding Anniversary cake, with a beautiful bow and a delicate hand piped sugar keepsake plaque.  Hand piped confetti falls from the bow, appearing to fall gently down the cake, and a delicate 50 in gold standing proudly, so pretty.

Golden Wedding Anniversary cake

Another of our delicious gluten free explosion cakes, for a happy couple on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Ruby wedding Anniversary cake

A pretty and elegant cake for your important anniversary.  So pretty and yet so simple, featuring a huge red bow, a hand made sugar plaque and hand piped confetti.  We can do any anniversary – or a birthday or retirement….

Ruby Anniversary Explosion cake

A stunning Ruby Wedding anniversary cake which seems to explode!  Spirals and ribbon simply burst from the cake, scattering pieces of icing and silver balls across the surface.  A wonderful cake that looks like it is exploding, eye catching, a wow cake for your special party. Finished with a hand made sugar plaque and cake […]

Diamond Anniversary explosion cake

Our signature cake created for a special anniversary.   A cake worthy of such an important anniversary – 60 years is a wonderful celebration indeed and this cake helps to mark the occasion as a centrepiece, finished with a keepsake sugar plaque and cake sparkles.

Fishing & Gardening Golden Anniv...

A fun ‘his ‘n’ hers’ cake for a special Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Fish swim around through the pond, their golden bodies shining in the sunlight, the weed green and delicious.  The golden seeds pour out of the packets, and with a little love become beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetables.  Different interests, same love!   The […]

Red love heart engagement cake

A pretty and fun engagement cake, with red love hearts and a hand piped message especially for the happy couple.  Finished with a glorious double satin red ribbon and bow and cake sparkles.

Silver Anniversary cake with matching...

A super fun cake with the full explosion, pieces of icing spread across the cake and silver balls, extending down to the matching cupcakes and the little fairy cakes.  Beautiful and stunning, perfect for a special anniversary.

Heart shaped Red rose Wedding Anniver...

A stunning and elegant Wedding Anniversary cake, two heart shaped cakes are decorated with beautiful red roses and delicate astilbee, finished with a hand piped keepsake plaque and a double board.

Anniversary explosion cake

A diamond wedding anniversary is very special and what better way of marking the occasion than to celebrate it with such a special cake!  A super explosion cake in pale whites and pearls which glistens as it explodes, throwing shards of icing and silver balls across the cake and board. A beautiful cake for an […]

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Explosion ca...

A stunning version of our very popular explosion cake.  Two tiers, direct stacked feed as many as you like with the explosion splashing down the tiers with balls and ribbon falling from the top, finished with a special keepsake plaque. A delightful cake for a special occasion.  Also available in silver, gold, pearl and diamond!

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cake

A pretty and delicate Ruby Wedding Anniversary cake, covered with pretty hand piped hearts, a hand piped sugar plaque and red ribbon. The beautiful carnations, freesias and astilbee bring the cake to life, framing the plaque and finishing the cake.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary cake

A classic and elegant cake, covered with white icing and hand piped designs, finished with a glorious keepsake, a double satin ribbon tied with a diamond brooch.

Diamond wedding anniversary cake

It was a privilege and delight to make a diamond wedding anniversary cake (60 years!)  The whole cake turned out beautifully and my client was delighted and thrilled, her parents loved it and it made the celebration perfect.

Sailing and bell-ringing Ruby Wedding...

Incorporating the interests of both of this couple, I created this pretty cake for their Anniversary.  They were delighted with the result and even more thrilled with the light sponge and delicious jam and butter cream.

Golden Wedding Anniversary cake

This is a classic cake with elegant lines and scrolls piped in royal icing and brush embroidery, finished with a beautiful sugar plaque to keep forever and an antique gold ribbon.  This cake is a rich fruit cake but can be made in any of the delicious flavours that I offer.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Explosion ...

A fun cake, that would be the talking point of such an important party. The cake explodes into silver spirals, throwing out silver balls, with a glorious ribbon and hand piped hand painted sugar plaque to keep and remember the party. This cake is a Madagascan vanilla triple layer sponge cake with extra strawberry jam […]

Golden Wedding Anniversary cake

This eye catching explosion cake is for a golden wedding anniversary, but would work equally well in silver or as a ruby wedding cake.  Any colour can be created to match your theme. There are chocolate painted explosion balls and hand painted butterflies, a sugar plaque to keep forever and matching trim. This cake was […]

Summer Garden Wedding Anniversary cak...

I made this exquisite cake for a couple who love their garden, but it would work equally well as a birthday or retirement cake.  I made a vegetable garden on the left and a flowerbed on the right with garlands of glorious roses climbing on the ropes and over the seat on the lawn.  All […]

Ruby wedding anniversary cake with fr...

This is a large anniversary cake, made with a commemorative plaque to keep.  It is decorated with a wired spray of seasonal flowers and fine filigree sugar pieces, dusted in subtle gold to match the painting on the corner pieces and plaque. This was an adult cake of triple layer dark chocolate, soaked in brandy […]