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Five Tier Fairy tale Castle Wedding C...

An amazing five tier wedding cake for a couple with a fun outlook on life.  The fairy tale castle has a clock striking at the time of the ceremony, a glass slipper discarded on the steps and dolphins playing in the sea in tribute to the event. For an extra surprise, each tier is a […]

Minion Birthday Cake

A really fun minion birthday cake.

Minion Wedding Cake

For every minion fan, a fun wedding cake to celebrate the marriage of this wonderful couple.  The dress, hair, bouquet and suit are all true to the bride and groom’s outfits.  Under all the hand made decoration is a delicious chocolate orange cake to eat and enjoy!

Spaghetti and meatballs Birthday Cake

Yummy!  So good it could be the real thing…  A delicious fresh cake, made to look like a massive pot of hot, steamy, meaty spaghetti and meatballs, garnished with parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves.  Made for an enthusiastic Italian cook, our fun novelty cake is guaranteed to please everyone!

Skydiving Birthday Cake

Fun cake for a young fellow’s skydiving birthday party.  With a background of an aerial photo of his house a model of him in his skydiving kit, this is perfect for your sky diving fan!

Crab Cake

A fun and unusual cake with a special message from a friend far away.  Delicious red velvet cake and white chocolate and white chocolate butter cream make our cake too delicious to resist!

Hen Night Cakepops

Our delicious cake pops in white, milk and dark chocolate, each with a sugar disc and picture of the bride to be, both now and as a little girl.  Such fun to give to friends!  They can be presented in a box, or wrapped and tied with a ribbon to take away.  Delicious either way.

Beach hut Birthday Cake

We love this super beach hut birthday cake.  Sally loves her hut, and her precious dog, so we brought them together in this fun birthday cake.  Hand modelled with care and love, we modelled her dog with just the right markings, bright, shining eyes and a cute smile.  The sea has movement and shines like […]

Grey Goose Bottle Birthday Cake ̵...

A delicious, moist chocolate cake, made to be dairy free, egg free and vegan.  Decorated in the shape of a Grey Goose vodka bottle, especially for Rhian’s 30th Birthday.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

Made for Sarah’s birthday party, in a Harry Potter/Delores Umbridge theme, our cake had lots to see, including flying keys, mean mermaids, potion bottles, tri-wiz cup, cutting punishment quill, 3D plate kitties, Aragog and family …. chocolate frogs … wands … the list goes on!

Tank Birthday Cake

We made this smashing camo tank for Xan to celebrate his Army inspired birthday party.  Delicious in lemon cake, with real zesty bits, it has all the detail, from the big gun, the nuts and bolts to the plants on the muddy path.  We loved making this fun cake – and we like a challenge […]

Lego Birthday Cake

Lego Birthday Cake

A super fun Lego cake made for a young Lego fan!  Made to look like an ‘8’, we have made it to look like the Lego men are building the cake from Lego blocks.  These Ninjago men are handy with sword and trowel.  Delicious in any flavour, this is a cake that will stick in […]

Luvli Vegan Birthday Cake

This fun cake is made to look like Lani’s favourite character from the Moshi Monsters toys.   It is also egg free, dairy free, lactose free, vegan and delicious!  We  are proud to make a cake for this special birthday girl to enjoy and share with her friends.

Star Wars Cupcakes

Super fun and attractive cupcakes with a Star Wars theme.  Each cake has a hand piped phrase or saying from the films, can you guess which one?

First Birthday Cake

Made for Timi’s first birthday our number one cake is just the ticket.  Delicious, moist sponge decorated with hand made sugar pieces and a special message make this a very popular cake.

18th Cricket Birthday Cake

For Kabir’s milestone birthday, a cricket cake with an Indian team theme.  Perfect for this cricket fan, we made everything to match his particular style.  Delicious as well as moist and moreish, the perfect cake for any cricket fan!

Fish and Chip Birthday Cake

Made to celebrate the birthday of the manager of a local chain of fish and chip shops, our cake is such fun!  The look of a plate of fab fish and chips over a moist lemon sponge – delicious whichever way!

DJ Mixing Decks Birthday Cake

A special birthday cake for a music fan, our mixing decks cake was created and modelled from pictures sent to us.  Recreated as closely as possible to Tom’s mixing equipment, a cake that is so personal, perfect for a music fan.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

We love Harry Potter and this is our latest tribute, in cake form, for Katie’s birthday. Complete with hand made sugar models of her favourite HP goodies – the Golden Snitch, Sorting Hat, glasses, potion book and potion bottle and of course, a frog and plume. Delicious and just right for up to 15 people, […]

Numtums Birthday cake

A cute cake for your NumTums fan, delicious and just right for up to 20 little partygoers.  Finished with a ribbon and hand cut message of sugar pieces this cake is perfect for any party.

Fairy Castle First Birthday Cake

We were delighted to make this special cake for beautiful twin girls.  Both have their own identity, each Rapunzel and hand made baby wrapped in pretty sugar rose petals modelled in the colours of their dresses. Every detail is carefully crafted in sugar, every petal, every bow and ribbon, each tower, hand made blossom and […]

Motorbike Birthday Cake

Made and painted in exactly the same kit as Adam’s biker gear, this cake is really personal.  Adam zooms past sugar houses and woods, on the open road in the Summer – a great place to be and a super yummy cake for an important milestone birthday.

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Cake

We made this sweet hand made sugar model of Pooh Bear sitting on top of a great book cake for Laura who loves Winnie the Pooh and studying, France and Spain.  So we bought all of this together in her memorable cake.  We are so glad that it was a success and that Laura loved […]

Disney Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Such a pretty cake, with plenty for everyone, this delightful celebration cake is perfect for your little princess.  With most of the favourites decorating the cake, this is one of our more popular designs. The castle and its towers have all been made by hand in sugar, every leaf piped on and every flower cut […]

Princess Castle Birthday Cake

A stunning Princess Birthday cake, based around our popular fairy tale castle, the princesses enjoy a stroll in the gardens around their beautiful pink castle, celebrating Diya’s birthday.  A two tier cake, to feed around 25 people.  Finished with our hand piped sugar plaque and cake sparkles.

VW Camper Birthday Cake

Our version of the iconic VW camper van – in delicious chocolate cake!  Modelled with care and attention to detail, Hannah’s van is decked out in her favourite colours, with a fun Summer theme.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

Made for a wonderful 50th Anniversary, these specially modelled face cakes are so fun.  Pam and Doug are recreated in sugar, surrounded with a mixture of celebration cupcakes, enough for their family celebration and a choice to keep the heads – or eat them up!  Delicious!

Pirate Ship and Castle Birthday Cake

Made with love for two little princesses, this large cake was grand enough to impress and big enough to feed everyone! For Tenysha, a pink pirate ship, hand piped and painted with black icing and made with black sugar sails.  For Shania, a pink and lilac fairy tale castle, with hidden doors and stairs nestling on […]

Surfboard Birthday Cake

This huge (1.5 meter long) surf board cake was made to delight the guests at Natalie’s Hawaiian themed party in London.  There is plenty of delicious chocolate cake to go around and around!  Complete with a flower necklace, the message in driftwood and complete with a hibiscus flower design this cake is so real that […]

Cat and Butterfly Birthday Cake

Made with love for a very appreciative Hana, this cake is such a beautiful and bright cake.  We hand modelled the pussy cat from a picture sent to us of Hana’s cat, Smudge, a true likeness, we are told! Every piece is hand made and painted with care to make this cake the centrepiece for Hana’s […]

Big Apple New York Celebration Cake

A cake made for a milestone birthday, Brad’s parents gave him this cake as a clue to where he was going for a wonderful holiday to celebrate his birthday – any idea? A two tier cake, the apple was covered and painted to look realistic with drips of dew and a lifelike leaf.  Placed over […]

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Our Mickey face is made here with a girly twist.  Made for twins, Mickey is presented in bright pink and purple, fun for a young party.

Winter wedding

Made for a wedding in the Alps and transported by car through France, this charming cake was designed with a Winter wedding in mind.  Three tiers of delicious lemon sponge are covered with white fondant and stippled with royal icing and cake sparkles, decorated with hand made sugar snowflakes and fir trees made this cake […]

Golf Birthday Cake

Made for Alec’s milestone birthday, this fun cake was perfect for his party.  A big golf fan, the model of Alec is very close to life (apparently).  A super and delicious chocolate sponge, our cake will serve everybody, maybe there might be some left, maybe not …

Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Our popular 2 tier Princess Castle cake with all your favourite Disney Princesses, supplied by our client, is a super cake, delicious, moist and perfect for your little princess. Made with hand made sugar towers, hand piped leaves and sugar blossoms. A perfect cake, complete with a hand made sugar plaque, made with love for […]

Fairy Princess Garden Birthday Cake

Our beautiful fairy garden cake with pretty Disney fairies (supplied by our client) would make every little girl’s party perfect. Complete with hand made butterflies, bees and ladybirds, together with Isobel’s hand cut name and age making her cake so special. In three tiers this wonderful cake will feed around 70 people. We can make […]

Mickey Mouse

Our super Mickey Mouse cake is made with red, white and blue to celebrate Evan’s birthday.  A great combination of colours for the Jubilee year!

Peppa Pig Fairy Princess Birthday cak...

We love Peppa Pig and here she is in her finest dressing up outfit, ready for Cosima’s party.  Finished with a hand made plaque, cake sparkles and a wand, she really will delighted everyone at the party – a truly memorable cake.

Rapunzel Fairy Castle Birthday Cake

A super creation of fairy tale castle and mini Rapunzel dressed in her special dress, hand made from sugar, a mini recreation of our popular Rapunzel cake. Three tiers of delicious cake, with towers and turrets to make a special cake, remembered for many years to come, finished with a hand made sugar keepsake plaque […]

Roulette Birthday Cake

Perfect for the gambler, a roulette wheel made from moist, light cake, complete with gambling chips and a wonderful birthday message.

85th Book Birthday Cake

Made for a special lady, this gorgeous traditional bound cake book!  Decorated with edible images and a designed leather texture, our book is almost too realistic to cut.

Bright 18th Birthday Cake

A super bright and super fun 18th Birthday cake!  Each tier has its own story, pink cake in the pink tier, blue cake in the blue tier, luminous yellow in the top tier, all made with light moist lemon sponge and tangy, buttery icing.  Perfect in every detail, the tiers are decorated with their own […]

Garden Birthday Cake

Every detail has been considered and included in Hayley’s  cake.  Everything is there, the shed, decking, her favourite gerberas and the squashes that over took her garden last year and Ted the dog, waiting next to her lovely wellies. There is so much to mention, we are  proud of our garden cake, a moist vanilla […]

Princess Birthday Cake

In Melody’s favourite deep purple colour, this pretty cake will make her birthday really special. Hand made tiaras piped with glitter make an impact, as well as Cinderella’s glass slippers make it so pretty. Finished with ribbon, piping and a hand made sugar keepsake plaque, we are proud of her cake!

Fairy Princess Garden Birthday Cake

A three tiered cake for a larger party, this is a such a pretty cake! Gorgeous fairies playing in their garden amongst the grasses, flowers and pond, watched by their butterflies and bee friends. Emilia’s name and birthday age shown in large letters, making her cake truly memorable. We can offer this cake in a […]

Michael Jackson Birthday Cake

If you like Michael Jackson, you will love our tribute cake! Three tiers of delicious light cake, decorated with sugar stars and edible pictures of his album covers, and iconic photos of his greatest moves! The top shows hand made models of his sparkling glove, trilby and a mic, all resting on one of his […]

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

We love Hello Kitty and this is such a super cake, we think it is great fun.   Made in her trademark bright colours with Katie’s name and age displayed this cake is perfect for your Kitty fan!  It will feed about 20 people. The Kitty figure is hand made from sugar, hand piped with […]

Fire engine disaster birthday cake

Possibly the aftermath of an amazing fairy party this disaster cake is such fun.  The burnt castle needs to be cooled and re-built in every detail.  As it stands, a great example of cake perfection for a fire engine and digger fan, complete with a little road and edible vehicles, finished with a sugar plaque

Rapunzel Castle Birthday Cake

This great cake is a fusion of our two popular pieces, Rapunzel and the fairy castle cakes!  Why have one when you can have both? The fairy castle is decorated with hand made towers and climbing plants, pretty as ever.  Our little Rapunzel is decorated with a sugar dress, made in the same pattern as […]

Jungle Book Birthday Cake

We all love the Jungle Book and this cake is perfect in every detail.  An 8″ open book cake, it is created with a famous quote from the Jungle Book, together with hand made edible models of Baloo Bear, Bagheera and little Mowgli.  Every detail has been meticulously included, the from the markings on the […]