Beautiful and delicious cakes in Berkshire

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What size cake will I need?

The easy, but not very helpful, answer is that “it depends”.  Obviously, the type of cake and the other food being served may affect the sizing, however, as a rule of thumb, the following table gives an idea: Size (cm/Inches) Sponge or Chocolate Fruit Round Square Round Square 13cm / 5″ 7 8 14 16 […]

What happens when I contact you?

Everyone is different.  Some clients know exactly what they want.  Some have a rough idea but want pointers and help.  Others want lots of suggestions and advice (often not just about cakes!). In the end, everyone wants to have the confidence that comes from working with a trusted pair of hands. Initially, we’ll set up […]

Do you work in my area?

I am based in Berkshire but have completed commissions in many parts of the country including London.  Some cakes do not travel particularly well, so if your venue is more than around 1½ hour from Reading, it is probably best to contact me to see if it is feasible. As with all my work, I […]

How far in advance do I need to book?

In general, the sooner the better.  Wedding cakes in particular can be time consuming to plan and prepare to a high standard. Give me a call and I will see what I can do!

Are your cakes nut free?

As with most small cake businesses, I cannot guarantee that my cakes will be entirely nut free as I cook with nuts in my kitchen.  All of my cakes contain flour and eggs.  Please check with me if you have any allergies and I will try my best to make something special for you.