Beautiful and delicious cakes in Berkshire

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Traditional Fruit cake

Made with the best ingredients; butter, brown cane sugar, plump and juicy fruit, crisp nuts, fresh lemon and plenty of good quality booze!  I can make these for you to order with enough notice.  I do have a small selection of fruit cakes in stock if you would prefer a matured cake at short notice, or I can make one for you, fresh and delicious if you don’t want to wait!

Now for the sponge cakes …

Madagascan vanilla

Our traditional vanilla sponge is filled with high fruit content strawberry or raspberry jam and whipped vanilla butter cream

White chocolate

Made with the best Callebaut Belgian chocolate and filled with a layer of solid white chocolate and whipped white chocolate butter cream, or as an alternative, choose totally luxurious white chocolate ganache (a mixture of molten chocolate, butter and double cream)

Milk chocolate

Made with Callebaut milk chocolate and filled with a layer of solid milk chocolate and whipped milk chocolate buttercream , or if you prefer, milk chocolate ganache

Dark chocolate

Made with the best dark chocolate, filled with a layer of dark chocolate and whipped dark chocolate buttercream or dark chocolate ganache

Chocolate marble

A blend of dark chocolate and exotic vanilla cakes, the perfect balance together, with a wonderful party swirl effect.  Available as a choice for cakes 9″ round or more.

Chocolate orange

Our delicious dark or milk chocolate cake laced with tangy orange zest and made with the juice of fresh oranges, and if you like, a hint of Grand Marinere orange liqueur.  Filled with a layer of chocolate and chocolate butter cream, made with orange zest and orange juice.

Continental chocolate

Our dark chocolate cake, made rich and even more delicious with dark continental coffee and coffee grounds, scented and incredibly tempting, filled with chocolate butter cream made with coffee.

Baileys and White chocolate

Liqueur and chocolate fused in an irresistible and decadent combination.

Zesty lemon

Made with the zest and juice from fresh lemons, this is so light and moist that simply the fragrance is too tempting to leave.  Filled with whipped butter cream made using the zest and juice from even more lemons!

Tangy orange

Made from the zest and juice from fresh oranges, this sponge is light and delicious.  It is filled with butter cream made using the zest and juice from more and more oranges!


Made with delicious real coffee, with a few added coffee grounds to maintain the flavour and add a richness.  Filled with real coffee butter cream.

Coffee and walnut

Our wonderful coffee cake, with the addition of a generous helping of chopped and half walnut pieces to delight your senses.


Just like a Caramac bar, our toffee cake is simply delicious!  Made with butterscotch, yet not too sweet, our toffee cake is memorable.  Filled a layer of toffee chocolate and toffee flavoured butter cream.


Made with a selection of spices for an exotic, scented cake, filled with Madagascan Vanilla butter cream.


A light cake, not sticky and heavy as a traditional ginger cake, but created with real ginger, making it moreish and fragrant, with a flare of warmth.  Filled with real stem ginger or vanilla butter cream


A moist and traditional carrot cake, this is a made from a recipe given to us by one of our American brides.  Made with carrot, spices, nuts and raisins, this is a cake that will be remembered for a long time to come.  Offered with a choice of vanilla or lemon butter cream.

Pistachio and cherry

The glorious pistachio nuts make a sublime sponge, filled with a tangy cherry jam and creamy, light pistachio butter cream.  Our cake is made with plenty of nuts and filled with generous amounts of jam, this new combination, introduced to us by a Canadian bride, is a feast of flavours, and will be gone too quickly …..

Introducing our new flavour …

Red Velvet

A delicious taste with a totally vibrant red colour.  Still our moist, light sponge, but with in a totally amazing colour!  We recommend that you choose from either vanilla, lemon or white chocolate butter cream or ganache.  Delicious in any combination, this cake will be sure to delight your guests.